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Save time and money preserving your fruit and vegetables for a longer time, without losing its taste. Contact us now!

We take care 
of the freshness

We select only the best fruit and vegetables to preserve them using cutting-edge technology in freezing processes, just so you can enjoy it for a longer time.

and taste

Our exclusive freezing process allow to preserve all the properties from fruit and vegetables, so that you can enjoy it, either by themselves or as ingredients to prepare your favorite dish.

The best

With the purpose to keep taste and texture, we only offer fruits and vegetables from the best varieties.

Be Frost is a 100% mexican
 innovating company

dedicated to the generation of value through the industrialization and commerce of garden-fruit products.

Our Products


· Half, Slices, Cubes, Chunks.
· Variety: Hass


· Cubes,Chunk’s, Slices, Cheeks.
· Varieties: Tommy and Kent


· Cubes ¾”. 3/8” ½”.
· chunk’s ¾” and 1”.a
· Varieties: Maradol and Mulata


·Cubes of 1/2” mm, 3/8”, Tidbits: 30*16*20 mm- 25*19*12mm. and Slices.
· Varieties: Cayenee and Rojo español


·Half, Slices, Cubes, Chunks.
· Varieties: Tabasco and Cavendish


·Whole, Half and Cubes. 7/8” a 1 ¼”


·Slices 70 to 100 mm long. Chunk’s 1.5 cm and 2 cm baza
· Variety: Kabocha


Made of selected fruit, after a strict washing, peeling and sanitizing process. With an optimum state of maturity, color, flavor and texture typical of the fruit.

About Us

we are?

Congelados BeFrost S de R.L de C.V. is a Mexican company dedicated to freezing fruits and vegetables in order to extend its useful life using the latest technology in freezing processes, always taking care they do not lose their sensorial properties like aroma, taste and texture in an approximate period of two years while remaining in an adequate refrigeration system. The company seeks the optimal use of raw materials.


We are strategically located in San Luis Potosi because:

  • It’s in the middle of Mexico
  • It counts with logistics channels to acquire raw materials and to distribute finished goods to key geographic points as international ports and borders.
  • It’s a strong source of work for people living here.

BeFrost S of R.L de C.V, will import all of its production to global markets, mainly to the United States, Canada and Japan..


To improve the quality of life of all the members of the organization being an innovative company, dedicated to the generation of value through the industrialization and commercialization of fruit and vegetables products that satisfy and benefit the life of our clients.


Being a company with passion and global transcendence where our know-how focuses on providing a profitable and sustainable growth and also making a responsible and efficient use of human capital, natural environment and resources.


  • Social responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
  • Honesty
  • Congruence


Leave us a message and we will contact you to give you more information.

Av. Venustiano Carranza 707-202
Col. Moderna. San Luis Potosí, SLP., México.

+52 (444) 810 02 69

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